The rock mined is red sandstone, the resistance to fragmentation of which gives a “Los Angeles” of 29.

The clientele is very varied: let us quote the small builders, the large companies of the Building and Public Works, the religious organizations for the construction of churches without forgetting the private customers who build their own houses

All our products are monitored and controlled by the National Laboratory and comply with the various standards imposed by the control bodies.

CRUSHED PRODUCTS of all conventional grain sizes

> For construction
0/2 2/8 8/15 15/25 25/40

> For road works
0/4, 4/6 6/10 10/14
0/31,5 0/40 40/80 0/80

  • MOELLONS from 200 to 500 mm.
  • BLOCKS of various sizes for erosion work.